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Induction of Cre recombinase and the ensuing loss of the targeted PPARγ exon, resulted in marked reductions in basal and troglitazone-stimulated expression of the genes encoding lipoprotein lipase (LPL), CD36, LXRα, and ABCG1 in thioglycolate-elicited peritoneal macrophages. Reductions in the basal levels of apolipoprotein E (apoE) mRNA in macrophages and apoE protein in total plasma and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) were also observed in pIpC-treated PPARγ-MXCre+ mice. Chem. 270:12953-12956. ↵ Linton, M. F., J. B. Atkinson, and S. Fazio. 1995. Prevention of atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice by bone marrow transplantation.

This breeding scheme yielded mice that were homozygous for the PPARγ-floxed allele and either hemizygous for or lacking the MX-Cre transgene (PPARγ-MXCre+ and PPARγ-MXCre−, respectively). These mice were subsequently interbred to generate littermates of the same genotypes. Куплю:- Малогабаритный трансивер — зарубежный, можно самодельный с хорошими характеристиками. Не дорого. E-mail: Продаю испытатель маломощных транзисторов и диодов Л2-54, состояние нового (все пломбы стоят, почти ни разу не использоволся), с документами. Климасенко, д. 34, корпус А, кв. 3. E-mail: Приобрету миниатюрные переменные индуктивности со следующими габаритами и параметрами: Габариты: 5х5 мм, высота, не более 10 мм. All breedings subsequent to the removal of the neo cassette resulted in a distribution of the genotypes of offspring that followed the predicted Mendelian frequency (data not shown), suggesting that neither the floxed PPARγ allele nor the MX-Cre transgene contributed to prenatal lethality. Indeed, others have reported that LXR or RXR ligands, but not the PPARγ ligand, rosiglitazone, induced ABCA1 expression and enhanced cholesterol efflux (20) in primary murine macrophages.

Chem. 275:26293-26299. ↵ Barak, Y., M. C. Nelson, E. S. Ong, Y. Z. Jones, P. Ruiz-Lozano, K. R. Chien, A. Koder, and R. M. Evans. 1999. PPARγ is required for placental, cardiac, and adipose tissue development. The indicated probes (3′-probe, exon 2, and neo probe) were used to assess recombination events. Так, они нуждаются зачастую в хорошей шумоизоляции, звукоизоляции, а также сохранения тепла, ну и конечно служа декоративной основой. Фото по запросу. E-mail: Харьковская обл. Investig. 98:2572-2579. CrossRefMedlineGoogle Scholar ↵ Repa, J. J., S. D. Turley, J. A. Lobaccaro, J. Medina, L. Li, K. Lustig, B. Shan, R. A. Heyman, J. M. Dietschy, and D. J. Mangelsdorf. 2000. Regulation of absorption and ABC1-mediated efflux of cholesterol by RXR heterodimers. Indeed, a recent study has provided evidence for the existence of a transcriptional repressor of ABCA1 gene expression, the zinc-finger protein 202, that significantly reduces HDL-mediated lipid efflux in macrophages (67), although effects of troglitazone on this repressor have yet to be examined.

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